Salad, thank you so much for your excellent analysis and explanations on using Market Volume… I’ve been following you about two years now, I think. Thanks again for having such a positive impact on your subscribers’ lives.



Good evening Bert, I wanted to let you know how much I value your volumes studies, daily reports, and personal insights into markets, economies, and such. Thanks again for the great work, your time is truly appreciated. Best, Jay




I have just renewed my subscription to SVT Premium which expired today, to my xxxx@yahoo.xxx for the next 6 months. I look forward to reading the next of your excellent reports tomorrow.
Your work is great, and it is unique, and I really appreciate that you are keeping a low profile.

Best wishes,



Salad, Excellent detailed report! Your insight has been a very calming influence for me for the past year and I want you to know just how much your reports mean each day.You are the closest thing to having spy in the enemies camp and truly a great value to all of us!




Dear Salad, Excellent report. There were personal insights, analysis using your system, analysis using classical TA. Very balanced and well written. I subscribe to a lot of services (probably too many), and I find your service is unique and invaluable. Thank you very much Salad.





dear salad,
I prefer tape reading i suppose. ie, what’s going on now versus what should be going on now?
Still you do bring a lot of prescience to the blog – “watch for the smarts to make a big push down to kick out the stops” – It seems to me that these things you say tend to happen. Are they market calls, or market experience? No, I believe it’s the latter. 

best wishes and thanks for an excellent market analysis service.




Your unique outlook,
and your astute interpretation
of market volume changes,
engineered by large institutions
and intended to influence and control trading
by market participants,
has consistently and accurately predicted
future market price movements.

Yours is the best,
and perhaps the only worthwhile,
market subscription service.




Thanks so much for the intraday update, you really go above and beyond for us your subscribers, and it is very much appreciated.

Take care,




I’ll add my voice to the others in hoping you’ll continue your service
beyond the end of this year. From my point of view, it would be fine to
have less than a daily report when you are traveling (and even when you
are not.) Some financial writers (cyclist Tim Wood, for example), write
only three letters a week. For my trading time frame, that is fine.
Finally, I don’t think you should be compelled to produce a full set of
charts daily. Many writers, like Gary and Doc, will frequently post
only one or two charts, representing what they want to discuss that
day. And executive summaries are also fine, at least for me. They are
not only easier for you, but sometimes a quick read is easier for the
reader to digest.




I am so relieved that you are thinking of continuing your service.  You are THE BEST.  Thank you for everything.  You cannot imagine how much all your subscribers value your guidance.  You are a great teacher and a compassionate person, you will be blessed many times for all your hard work.  I understand totally how much work it is doing reports everyday, as do everyone else I am sure. You can just do reports whenever needed and charge some more for your service it would be totally justified.

Wishing you good health and success in every field,




I am certain you are getting many well deserved compliments on your service.  I can tell you what I am getting is the ability to stay calm as I see my investment account balances decline during these tough time.  I am better able to wait this troubling time out.  This is so valuable to me and I want to express my appreciation.

I do understand that you have other projects and you need to find a balance with how much time you have to devote to this service.  I would still continue as a subscriber if you could not do a letter every day.  First and foremost you need to find a balance in your own life in order to continue with this premium service.  I hope you strongly consider a reduced number of letters, as is necessary. for all your responsibilities fit in your life in a healthy way.  I suspect your subscribers would support you if this is the course you choose to take.




I am very agreeable to what ever works for you.  I would be glad to pay more for your service and glad to receive shorter reports when you have other things going on.  I feel very blessed to have found your service.  I participated in one of your teaching calls and found it to be very valuable.  You are a wonderful teacher.  I love to teach too and for me it is not about the money but about the passion for what I have learned and loving to share it.  I hope you decide to stay on for as long as it works for you, because it certainly works for me.

Take care,




Thank You,

I received your weekend letter in my new email this morning and was able to read it. I have been with you at least a year and you are my first and most important read in the morning. You are tollerent,kind and have your subscribers best welfare in your heart, I am slowly learning and very much appreciate what you are doing for me.

The best to you,




I have seen some other systems lose effectiveness also and greatly appreciate the work that you do and hope that never happens with your volume studies. From a selfish standpoint I would also hate to see your service discontinued. May I suggest considering raising the price of the service as a deterrant to new subscribers and also a way to make the work more worth your while, and also possibly cutting off your subscriber list at a certain level. I would gladly pay more for this service. Just this past week I added some puts to my PM positions based on your warning of a correction. I was able to hold my strong hand from early January while locking in all my gains despite the sharp correction seen in the PM space. This service is very valuable to me and many others and I would hate to see it stop.

Thanks for all your hard work.


B. M.


  1. Anonymous
    2013/05/02 at 22:15pm at 22:15

    Good evening Bert, I wanted to let you know how much I value your volumes studies, daily reports, and personal insights into markets, economies, and such. Thanks again for the great work, your time is truly appreciated. Best, Jay

    • saladenator
      2013/05/03 at 4:43am at 04:43

      Thanks a lot Jay for your kind compliments!

  2. 2013/06/08 at 7:21am at 07:21

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